Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hope Chest Makeover-Chapter 1--Drawer

It's Saturday and I am just starting the Lane Hope Chest Makeover.

It's been several days years of thinking about, researching, thinking, wondering and more thinking about this makeover.

Originally I was going to paint it, but the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of staining it dark instead.

It's time.

I'm ready.

First. Clean the inside of the drawer.

How nasty is this?  I'm pretty sure this was stored in a barn or some sort of out building because there were mice here and some sort of straw like material.

Probably straw.

So after a non-successful search in the world wide web
, I still had no clue as to how to clean this drawer or get rid of the felt like material.

So I thought, scrub it with baking soda or salt (or both) with a dry brush and that should clean it.  Sorta like "dry shampoo".

Right?  Doesn't that sound reasonable?

Well, it worked.

 Both ways.

Cleaned AND stripped.

As a result, I have now added another element to my project, but hey, that nasty green mice dropping covered, drawer lining is gone. YES!

It'll take another week of thinking to figure out what to line the drawer with...

Second, I've got this blonde to remove.

I got a great arm/ab workout sanding this and have decided I need a faster, less sweaty way to finish the rest of this thing.

Ok people.  I've alluded to my fear of commitment, but you must know that I had to take a deep breath (several) to just go for it and put this stain on.

Wouldn't you be a little nervous?


It's just me?

But, the stain looked black on the cloth and I just had NO idea how this was going to turn out and NO idea how I would fix it if it didn't.

Three, stain it.



Well, that's not too bad.

I didn't ruin it...



whaddaya think?

*remember the knobs I was trying out?

jury is still out.

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