Friday, January 16, 2015

homemade liquid hand soap and homemade soap dispenser

I have wanted to try a "discover-ment" as my 6 year old calls it.  I've been wanting to make my own shampoo.  But since we are out of liquid hand soap, (and not out of shampoo) I settled for 'trying my hand' at hand soap.

And BONUS, I tried my hand at videography too. 

Lucky you. :)

So like the many recipes out there, I used 8 cups of water, one Kirk's Castile Soap Bar, grated, 1-2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil and one Upcycled Oversized Pickle Jar. (and some spray paint)

I highly recommend using a food processor for the grating of the soap.

I also highly recommend watching this video... heh heh heh

I didn't add essential oils as some other recipes did because the Kirk's already has a fragrance and I didn't know how lemon (my preference) would smell mixed with the already added fragrance.

So here's the best part imo (in my opinion).  I have had this idea for a while.  I wash my hands a lot and am refilling my little soap pump a lot and now I don't have to. For a long while.

Homemade XXL soap pump.

It's an old pickle jar.  You know the half gallon sized jars?  Yeah, that's a lot of pickles, but that's how we roll at this house.

Anyway, I had to "borrow" the straw thingy out of a broken stain remover bottle, and spray paint the lid, but it was simple simple simple.

Next I'll have to find a fancy label.  Or a Sharpie...

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