Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photo Op

So my hubby calls me on his way to work to tell me of the gorgeous photo op in the valley right before going up to the Palisades dam. 

He tells me of snow covered pasture with horses in it, fog settling all around and sunlight breaking through.

So, of course I want to capture it (with my trusty camera phone) so I pull on my snow boots, throw a scarf around my neck, grab my gift bag makeshift purse (that's another post) and head out the door to go snag some bodacious scenes.

And then this...

After the rain (!) the other day that's ice. Not soft snow...

I didn't want to miss the "light show" hacking at the ice to get in the car.

So I took these...

Sorry about my hand there. I think I was trying to shade the blinding, but totally awesome Sun.

So thanks for the tip hubby. 

I guess I could have crawled through the passenger side door, but the fact that I was in my fuzzy pajama pants, bathrobe and holding a gift bag, it's probably better that I stayed in my front yard.

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