Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yogi Tea

It's cold and flu season here.

We've been trying to cut out sugar and eat more healthy to combat all the yummy treats that were had over the Christmas season.

We've also been downing the Echinacea tea.

We love it at this house.  Well, the littlest will only take a few obligatory sips, but the rest of us really enjoy it.  We've tried other brands of Echinacea tea and they don't even compare.

I love the uplifting notes on the tea bag tag and the yoga hints on the side of the box.

We have only like two mugs here in this house so once again we are using  "jam jahs".

Plus, it works as a measuring device.  Half a pint is one cup. 8 oz.

Works for us.

It seems I'm a little slow on discovering new things, so if you have any wonderful tips, remedies or stay healthy fixes, post them here for us all to benefit from.

Have a happy, prosperous and HEALTHY new year and HEY, appreciate yourself and honor your soul. ;)

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