Friday, January 9, 2015

After The Fog Lift-eth

Here comes the fog again...

So this is what happens after the fog.

I'm sure there is a wonderful metaphor in this somewhere...

It was a dark and stormy night sunless and foggy evening.  The weather advisory was issued for "freezing fog".


You too?  What is that?

You'll see...

Just keep scrolling...

Wait for it...

Oh, you mean FROST?!

How awesomely gnarly is that?!

I couldn't quite capture the glitz and glitter.  This tree seriously looked like it was covered in diamonds!

Again my hubby said, "If you really want some great photos, head up to the Palisades Dam", "It'll knock your socks off."  (Or something like that...)

Yeah, that's cool.

(In a Dr Suess, Lorax kinda way)

Meh, today, not so much.

You need sunlight to fully appreciate the dark....ummmm,  you need dark to appreciate the sunlight?

Was that the metaphor?

Did anyone get that?


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