Thursday, October 6, 2011

sew fabulous!

I put the kids to bed and the hubby and I got busy in the kitchen last night. ;)
   We bottled 6 bottles of tomatoes, and 6 bottles of dill pickles last night.  Harvest time is slowing down--FINALLY!  Sew, that's out of the way.

My hubby and his oldest daughter got their buck deer and the garage is now a temporary meat locker.  There are deer parts everywhere.  It looks like nightmare on deer street.  Sew, I can't do my crafty projects in the garage.  ( I could technically, but aint gonna).

Sew...I need to think of something I can do today in the way of projects...
What to do...
What to do...

Oh ok, I can't fool you.  I'm going to get cozied up to my sewing machine and create something FABULOUS!!!

Actually, I need to mend.  There are about five pairs of pants that belong to various members of our family that need the crotch sewn up.  Thankfully, a seam is easy to repair.  After the mending, THEN I'll create something fabulous!  My BFF's birthday is coming up (TOMORROW) and I've been working on a gift to give her.  Something as fabulous as she is.  Ok, there is no way to create something that is that fabulous.  She loves pink, girly, frilly, sparkly things.  I can't show you the gift entirely since I haven't sent it yet, but I'll let you see parts...(don't worry, not deer parts).

 I have the best friend in Jaeme.  She is the most thoughtful gift giver, card sender, call maker I've ever known.  She compares to none.  Happy Birthday my dearest friend.  Love you.

okay, maybe some deer parts...

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