Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hot chocolate secret recipe

As I write this at least the snow seems to be melting.  I didn't know that we were going to get snow.  I recall NOTHING on the weather forecast about snow.  I was not prepared.  I was not a good boy scout.  I think that's the best way to wake up to snow.  Completely unprepared.  I know that that makes no sense, but just follow me here...

there is a reason leaves fall off trees in the fall...
If I had been prepared for snow I would have been dreading it all night long. I would have been in a complete panic that my kids' dad forgot to send their coats back with them on their return and would have been in a grump of a mood all day long.  But because I was not prepared, I didn't have time to worry about all of that.

My sister then posted on FB about hot chocolate.  She has always been a hot chocolate connoisseur.  I am more of a hot wassail kind of gal, but this morning I thought toast and hot chocolate would hit the spot.  I wouldn't have thought of that if it hadn't snowed. The best hot chocolate I have ever had is my mom's.  There is no recipe, but I will walk you through it.  A picture tutorial if you will...

milk in pan-med heat

add cocoa

then add sugar of course...

This recipe is all to taste.  Milk can be skim, but is better if it's higher in fat content like 2 % or more.  This is NOT a health drink.  That said, let's talk about sugar.  I don't like my hot chocolate too sweet.  I add some, taste and then add more if needed.

Now let's talk about the secret ingredient.  It makes the difference entirely in chocolate in my opinion.  Are you ready for it?  

secret ingredient

Yessiree bob.  It's good ole sodium chloride that makes bad hot chocolate good.  
Just a pinch.  Or two.  Whatever you like.  It's chocolates long lost friend.  

Try some of my mom's hot chocolate today.  Don't tell her that I'm giving all her recipes away.  But this is too good to keep secret.

P.S.  The front room makeover has hit a stall.  Funny how life takes a turn you didn't expect.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow...

P.P.S. (P.S.S?) I don't know how this changed to italics and don't know how to change it back...