Saturday, October 8, 2011

thrift store SCORE

I admit it.  I'm a sucker for a deal...  A GOOD deal.
  Sometimes I think I like the deal more than the item.  I have been looking for a particular book now for years.  It's a book that my mom has on her book shelf that I love and have wanted now for some time.  I always look when I'm at either of my two favorite thrift stores.  Always.  I know what I'm looking for.

Today, I found it!  Even better, it was $2.00!  Two lovely dollars. Dos dineros.

You should have seen me trot on over and snatch it up.  People look out, move over, I'm comin' through. 

It may seem odd to some that I have wanted this kind of book, but I have.  Now I have it.  I"ll never let you go my pretty...

I love this book.  If I want to build my own log cabin, I could with just the direction on these pages.  That or a reflector oven.  You know...just in case.  Heck if the house is on fire, this is one thing I'm grabbing.  It could probably tell me how to put the fire out.  I haven't gotten that far.  Reader's Digest rocks!

The other find was this...

It's a solid brass lamp.  It's heavy.  I love it.  But there's one problemo...

There is no lamp shade.  So I need your help.  I want to MAKE a shade for this and have a few ideas, but am turning to you to help me.  I'm not too proud.  I know that you probably read blogs to see amazing makeovers.  So do I. 

My thougths were paper mache', or faux stained glass.  That would be amazing.  You know what?  I bet I can find how to make a lamp shade in my new book!

Happy treasure hunting...

Later my fellow thrift store score lovers...

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