Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm your elderberry--Homemade Elderberry Jelly

As if delicious home bottled peach jam wasn't enough, we are in the throws of making wild elderberry jelly. (Say that five times fast.)
My husband has won blue ribbons at the local county fair for his elderberry jelly. Yes. My husband. So why isn't he writing this blog you ask? He is. He just doesn't know it.
So we took a drive into the mountains. To "the orchard" as he calls it.  My hubby knows these mountains like the back of his hands (maybe better) and has picked these berries for years.  He says that they are the best he's seen in a long time.  AAaaaand that there are going to be tons more ripe for the picking next week.
These mountains.  O. M. Gosh. Beeeautiful.  I hope these pictures do justice to the majesty of these parts. Yes. I said parts.  It brings out the hillbilly in me.

 Wish you were here.
 snow line.
 wild flowers.
 elderberry bush.
 green berries.
 bear? elk?
 How sweet is this little flower?
You haven't lived as a kid until you get to ride in the back of a truck, going down a dirt road in the mountains.
So we will be finishing up the jelly today. (Entering it in the fair.) And will post the results and recipe soon.
Take care, all you wanna be hillbillies. ;)

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