Saturday, September 17, 2011

This little piggy...

Red Rover, Red Rover
Give My Night Stand a Make Over...
$5 find at 2nd hand thrift store...
   Well I don't know who Red Rover is, but he didn't make over my night stand.  I did. :)
I have been without a night stand since we moved into this house a few months ago.  Yes, I said a few months.  I have been waiting and watching for a nice, used, cheap night stand and I finally found it!  Woot Woot!!

primer, 2 coats of paint...

 I found this nice little stand at a thrift shop. It's real wood.  It's not fake wood.  I won't bother if it's fake wood.  It didn't have a price tag on it so I was really expecting the worst, but took it up to the lady at the front, asked her how much and was pleasantly surprised ecstatic when she told me $5.00!  Should I let something like a five dollar find make me that happy?  Is that normal?

re-attach hardware...
 So whilst the children were busy cleaning their rooms, I sneaked into the garage to paint this little number so I could get my room in order. 
sanding corners...
 My nine year old daughter came into the garage while I was sanding the corners off and asked me why I like to sand all the corners off of what I paint.  I said, "because it gives it definition."  "Now get back to cleaning your room."

finished. drying.
 Can you believe someone would live like this for three months?  Utterly shocking!  I mean really! (I know that's what you're thinking...)

don't judge me.
why is this pic blurry?

So even though it's blurry, you "get the picture".  My little night stand has saved the day.  I feel like a human again, not like a piggy.  Now I need to go check on my little piggies and see if their pens are clean.  I mean really!  Who lives like that?!  Where do they get it?!  ;)

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