Tuesday, September 27, 2011

six in the city...

Our next door neighbor brings us things.

He's brought pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, corn on the cob, slicing cucumbers, an english cucumber and now eggs...

He has chickens.  Who knew?  I guess we would know if he had a rooster--which he doesn't, but didn't know he had chickens.
So what does my hubby say when I told him the neighbor brought us eggs?  "If he has chickens, we can too!"
Heaven help me...

The neighbor told me that we are allowed to have up to six chickens in the city limits.  But no rooster.  Well that's good.

I think the hubby is serious about this since he asked my 6 year old if he wanted chickens.  "Baby chicks?" he asked.  "No.  Chickens."

So until he rounds someone up to take care of chickens, I guess we'll just rely on the next door neighbor for fresh, beautiful, bluish, greenish, speckled or pinkish eggs.

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