Tuesday, September 27, 2011

plum crazy!!!

Why is it we have been so lucky to have good neighbors that give us fruit this year?  Just blessed I guess.

"Do you like plums?"

"Of course! I LOVE plums!"

"My neighbor has a plum tree and isn't going to use them..."

"I'll be right over."

That was the conversation between my mother-in-law and me. 

 Just never you mind that I showed up in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.  I was ready to pick.  

child labor
The tree was to the ground with fruit.  Just right for three year olds to reach.  She picked quite a bit until she got bored and moved on to stocking the bird house with plums "to feed the birds".
that's just a drop in the bucket...
We ended up with four full boxes.  We would have picked more, but we ran out of time.


before processing...


I decided to bottle a batch (7 quarts in this case) whole.  Bottling them was a breeze! I just washed them, put them in bottles, filled with sugar syrup and processed them in my steamer canner. The syrup was a light syrup.  2 to 1 water to sugar. I heated the sugar and water until dissolved.  I then loaded the quarts onto the steamer canner and processed for 25 minutes.  The official instructions say to poke the  skins with a needle so that they won't split.  Ya.  Didn't do that.  I was looking for speed people.  I'd already bottled 3 quarts of tomatoes and 15 quarts of peaches (yes, more peaches).  I wanted ease.

Scrap ease.  My seven quarts of bottled whole plums didn't even make a dent in the 2 2/3 boxes I have left.  I'd given away 4 grocery sacks to neighbors and that didn't really make a dent either.  Then, my mom-in-law brought over half of her box saying she'd bottled all she could use and I could have the rest.  Ok.  I'm going plum crazy.  Who wants jam?!

*Editors note*  Leave a 1 1/2" head space as the plums will create own juice. 


  1. For the best Fruit Crisp ever, stay tuned. Plums make one of the best...

  2. I'm glad they're being put to good use. Nice photos, DeAna. Looking forward to your fruit crisp recipe. Btw, they also make great smoothies w/vanilla yogurt.