Thursday, September 8, 2011

going dutch...

 Dutch oven dinner in the mountains over Labor Day weekend is just what the doctor ordered.  Except it was after the weekend we saw the doctor.
 sand patch.

 Kids. Pond.
 Can you see the beautiful dragon flies? Nope. Me either.  They flew off too fast.
Pretty little wild flower.
 Squash managed to make it's way into the dutch oven dinner...
 I will need to look at these lovely wild flowers come winter...

Dutch Oven dinner:
1 lb. bacon
1 lb. burger
5 lbs. red potatoes sliced
1 large onion
2 medium squash
1 head broccoli
velveeta cheese
Cook bacon and burger.Add potatoes, onion and vegetables.  The surprising ingredient in this the way my bro-in-law does it was velveeta cheese.  Now I'm not usually a fan of fake cheese, but this was delicious.  Maybe it was because he also added broccoli and who doesn't love broccoli and cheese?  I'm not the dutch oven cook in the family, so I really don't know how to tell you to cook it other than build fire, let coals form, put oven in coals and let cook until done.

It was really, really delicious and afterward we had peach cobbler that my hubby made, but I didn't manage to get pictures of that because I was helping him. brilliant.

I was a wonderful night with family eating dutch oven dinner, letting our yellow lab splash through the water, the kids play in the sand, and enjoying the splendor of the mountains.   

I hope you all have mountains near you to retreat into.
Later gator...

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