Friday, September 2, 2011

sausage toes...

So what do you do, when you have a toddler who has flip flops that she can't manage?  Wearing these footloose and fancy free contraptions takes some getting used to. She has had them since July and hasn't worn them much because she can't keep them on her feet.  Now, at the end of the summer, she has decided that they are her favorite.  But, alas, she still cannot keep them on her feet and ends up carrying them, walking barefoot and her feet ending up black on the store floor.
"Sew", I came up with a simple solution.  Elastic.  Now, her flip flops are strappy sandals.  If you have flip flops that you love, but can't, say, wear them to work because there is a "no beach attire" rule, I have the solution for you.  (I sound like a bad infomercial.)  Just sew some elastic to the flip part of the flop and you now have strappy sandals that you can wear any"wear".
 flippy flops
 sewing elastic. (great tutorial eh?)
"Sew" simple!  Now look at those cute little sausage toes!
She excalimed "Thanks Mommuh!" 
You. Are. Welcome.